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Candle Night 0405 dedicated to him

【Event Details】

【Event Name】
 Candle Night 0405 dedicated to him

April 5, 2021 (Monday) (Japan Time)

【Application to Participate】
Not required.

【Participation Fee】

【Ways to Participation】
There are four ways:
     ① Zoom ② Twitter / Instagram ③ E-mail ④ Mail
① Zoom: (Install “zoom application”.)
Meeting ID: 849 3951 7747
Pass Code: haruma0405
Connection Time (Japan Time)
 (1) 0:00 – 01:00
 (2) 14:00 – 15:00
 (3) 22:00 – 24:00

*【Connection Test】
Date: April 4, 2021 (Sunday) (Japan Time)
Time: 12:00 – 22:00
Freely try to connect. However, since the administrator on the host-side will be almost absent, we can hardly respond by chat.

*Simultaneous delivery will be done on YouTube.
You are required to subscribe to the channel on YouTube.

*The maximum number of participants is 100 so if it gets crowded, please kindly leave in about 10 minutes per person.

② Twitter / Instagram:
(1) Take pictures of candles.
(2) Post them with one of the following descriptions.

③ Email:
Send pictures of candles to:

④ Mail:
Send pictures by mail later to the following address.

Haruma Miura Cheering Project
3-10-2-610, Tarumicho,
Suita, Osaka
564-0062 Japan

*Please note that this address is a PO Box service, not an office.

The above-mentioned four ways to participate is provided. You can participate to one of them or all of them.

Let’s spend the day together thinking of Haruma in a way that is convenient for each participant.
Please be sure to read “Notes” on our home page carefully before participating.
By participating, you are deemed to have read and accepted these notes.


Please be careful about fires.
Haruma Miura Cheering Project

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Candle Night 0405 
When you participate in the event, please read the following contents carefully and consent to them.

① When you light candles, please be careful when handling fire.
💙 Do not place flammable materials nearby.
💙 The upper part of the candle fire is hot, so release it.
💙 Digestion method, etc. for the case of candle falling down, etc.
💙 Please note that the burning of the fire may become more intense when the candle is shortened.
Please make all possible preparations and participate safely.
❇︎ Please note that we are not responsible for any fire or damage.

② If you are a minor, please join us with your parents.

③ Live streaming is done by connecting zoom and YouTube. Please be careful not to show your personal information and/or face. In addition, this will be archived later. (Recording)

④ At zoom, audio is turned off. If there is a pursuit of the truth, slander, criticism of the agent, etc., you will be asked to leave. You can use the chat function, but if there is a truth pursuit, slander, or criticism of the agent, you will also be asked to leave.

⑤ In Candle Night 0405, we are planning to make a mosaic art that thinks of Haruma Miura by recruiting candle images and photos from everyone. Thank you for your understanding that we will use the photos and images you send us as if you have abandoned the copyright.

⑥ All the members of the project are unfamiliar with all these, and there may be a risk of network errors. We apologize for the inconvenience, but if zoom is not working properly, we recommend that you also use Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. other than zoom and move to a place where there is as little confusion as possible. 

⑦ If the number of screen divisions in zoom is too large, each image of zoom will become smaller, so we will set a limit on the number of people and you will be asked to participate in order.
If you exceed 100 people, please give up and leave within 10 minutes per person.

⑧ Please bear the expenses related to communication costs.

Haruma Miura Cheering project

English translation Mariko

2021.03.06 04:27

Candle Night 0405 Dedicated to him:


April 5, 2021, 0:00〜24:00 (Japan Time)

【Way to Participate】

1) Access to zoom (The meeting number will be advised later.)

0:00 - 1:00 / 14:00 - 15:00 / 22:00 - 24:00 (Japan Time)

You can participate all the meetings or only one time or can also leave on the way. 

2) On Instagram Twitter

Enter the following and post the photo(s) of candles you took.

#Candle Night 0405



3) Post your candle photo(s) and send it (or them) to the specified email address.

You will be advised the sending email address later.

❇︎ 1): Scheduled to be delivered in YouTube on real time.

❇︎ 2) and 3): Photos we received will be published in YouTube and Homepage of Haruma Miura Cheering Project.

【What to prepare】

🌸 Candles you like.

(The original candles are available supported by Wa-Rousoku DAIYO(DAIYO,inc.).

These are currently in production. Details are advised later.)

🌸 Camera or Smart-Phone

🌸 Items you like (such as flowers, cake, Japanese Sake)


• Don’t include your personal/private information in the photos.

• Copy Right of the photos you are going to send are kindly requested to be donated to our project.

• Voice is blocked during the ongoing zoom meeting. Please refrain from making any statements regarding slandering or pursuit of faith.

• Free to participate. But communication costs are paid by yourself.

• Pay attention to fires, etc. and in case of minors’ participation, their parents are requested to participate together with.

【Original Candles】

The message to you all from Wa-Rousoku DAIYO(DAIYO,inc.) in Shiga Prefecture, which Haruma-san visited and interviewed in “NIHON-SEI”, is here. Please have a look.

【On the occasion of this Event】

Originator: TomakoTomako-san

Company which supports us: Wa-Rousoku DAIYO(DAIYO,inc.)

Collaborator: pepa-san

Organizer: Haruma Miura Cheering Project


Haruma Miura Cheering Project

Please contact as a reply comment. Or, contact to: haruma.cheering@gmail.com

❇︎ Please never directly get in touch with Wa-Rousoku DAIYO.

【On the occasion of this Event】

TomakoTomako-san’s Feeling, Originator.

Every time I see the last scene of TENGARAMON,

I cannot help but shed moving tears observing numerous lights

gathering together with the same feelings.

If we can feel connection by lighting candles

with many people we cannot actually meet and talk to ・・・

If we can connect the batons of the same feelings,

how wonderful it would be ・・ that what we thought.

More than anything,

we would like to deliver our feelings to Haruma-kun,

which we strongly share with

that he will continuously shine forever in our hearts.

Hoping you can join us at “Candle Night 0405 Dedicated to Him” Event together.

Thank you.

English translation Mariko

2021.03.13 16:28

Our Activities and Events: 

In launching and operating a volunteer group named “Haruma Miura Cheering Project”, our policy is to proceed with our activities while giving consideration to each area. The purpose of our activities is to praise for Haruma Miura’s achievements during his lifetime, and to focus on grief work for his fans who are still in deep sorrow left scattered all over the places.

After consulting with our experts, we have sent out letters several times to the agency to which he belonged to during his lifetime (hereinafter we refer to as “the agency”) asking about Haruma Miura’s portrait rights, publicity rights, copyright, etc., in our plan.

We would like rather not disclose the specific content of the response from the agency in detail, but they state neither permission nor refusal of permission for this issue but wish we would remember him respecting the rules of society. We much appreciate their responding back to us.

According to the experts we are consulting with, the use of the name of Haruma Miura could be generally possible in holding the event “Candle Night 0405 Dedicated to him” and Japanese candle sales this time. However, we decided not to use it both in the event and in the product name. We already reported our decision to the agency and asked them to convey it also to his mother. We have not received any response on this issue from them yet, but in case we got any, we would be ready to appropriately respond accordingly.

The candle sale is not anticipated to get any profit. But if it makes some, we will consider donating it to the charity Haruma Miura was involved in. This event is basically planned for quietly spending time together with those who love Haruma Miura cherishing our ties with him.

We would much appreciate it if you could understand these concepts of the event.

Please contact us to the following if you have any questions:


English translation: Mariko

2021.03.06 13:33

Q & A  Summary:

“Frequently asked Questions” is as follows.

Strictly refrain from making directly inquiries to Wa-Rousoku DAIYO (DAIYO,inc.).

Q: Did you get permission for the event from the agency he belonged to (hereinafter  we refer to as “the agency”)?

A: Refer to “Our Activities and Events”:


Q: Did you get permission from the agency to sell candles?

A: Refer to “Our Activities and Events”:  


Q: Did you get permission from his bereaved family in this regard?

A: Refer to “Our Activities and Events”:  


Q: Did you take appropriate actions on portrait rights, copyrights and publicity rights?

A: We are dealing with them consulting with our experts.

Q: How to use candle sales revenue?

A: In case the sale makes a profit, we consider donating to charity.

Q: Where to be donated?

A: Under consideration.

Q: What kind of people are the members of this project?

A: They are volunteers who love Haruma Miura and Night Diver.

Q: How do the members of the project connect each other?

A: Through SNS.

Q: Do you intend to continue these activities?

A: Under consideration.

Q: Cancelation, returns and refund can be accepted?

A: Refer to Terms and Conditions of the sales site BASE.

Q: As I want to apply for 0405 Event, explain the way how to.

A: No application is required. Refer to our homepage on how to participate.

Q: What is BASE? Can we purchase only through BASE?

A: BASE is a shopping application and an on-line shopping site.

 You can purchase in our homepage, but the BASE system is used.

Q: How about shipping fee in case many orders are made?

A: Scheduled to be sold in limited quantities per person.

 Shipping fee is planned to be ¥520.

Q: Can I purchase other DAIYO’s candles together with the original ones for the event?

A: Please directly purchase DAIYO’s candles from DAIYO’s homepage.


Q: I cannot use email and/or Internet, but can I participate?

A: Other ways like “mails” or “LINE” are now under consideration.

 (not decided yet)

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